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Zoom G2.1U Multi Effects Pedal-Used

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-processing technology
96 kHz / 24 bit sampling (with 32 bit internal processing) assures excellent sound quality. Frequency
response remains flat up to 40 kHz, and input-converted signal-to-noise ratio is an amazing 120 dB,
demonstrating the high level of performance achieved by the G2.1u. The G2.1u also has a USB
connection and can be used as a direct guitar/computer interface.

-Versatile palette of effects including new creations
Out of a total of 54 effects, up to nine (including ZNR) can be used simultaneously. The high-quality
choices provided by the G2.1u include distortion effects that simulate the tones of famous amps and
effects pedals, 6-band guitar EQ and delay effects with "hold" controloperated by foot switch.

Great for live performances and direct recording
The distortion effect module provides two different algorithms for each of its 17 effect types, one for live
performance and one for direct recording. Depending on the on/off setting of the CABINET & MIC
effect which simulates amp cabinet sound and mic characteristics, the most suitable algorithm is
automatically selected, giving you the best sound for any application.

Integrated rhythm functions and auto-chromatic tuner
A number of rhythm patterns using realistic PCM drum sounds are provided. This is convenient for use
as a metronome during individual practice or to provide a simple rhythm part for a quick session. An
auto-chromatic tuner for guitar is also built right into the unit, allowing you to easily tune your
instrument also at home or on stage.

Sophisticated user interface
The combination of a rotary type selector and three parameter knobs make the effect editing process
intuitive and quick. The mute interval when switching patches has been reduced to less than 5
milliseconds. Seamless patch changing is now a reality.

Dual power supply principle allows use anywhere
The G2.1u can be powered from four IEC R6 (size AA) batteries or an AC adapter. Continuous
operating time on batteries is approximately 7.5 hours with alkaline batteries

Easy operation with expression pedal and foot switch
The expression pedal on the top panel lets you adjust the tonal quality of an effect or the volume in real
An optional expression pedal (FP01/FP02) or foot switch (FS01) can be connected to the CONTROL IN
jack. The external expression pedal is used for controlling the volume. The foot switch is convenient for
quickly toggling effect programs or for setting the tempo of the rhythm function.


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