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Guitar Repair and Design Course 

Study with Dwayne King, luthier and owner of The Guitar Corner!

In the "Guitar Repair and Design Courses" we cover practical, safe, efficient techniques; teaching the students how to develop a logical approach in dealing with all of the various members of the guitar family. We always cover a wide range of topics and techniques above and beyond the designated curriculum. The design and fabrication of simple templates, fretting tools and a few other specialised guitar repair tools are covered. The students are encouraged to "cut to the chase" and "think on their feet", as is so often required, in order to get the job done. When dealing with the multitude of tasks that one faces every day in this field of work; this approach makes the difference; streamlining the process, keeping yourself and your customers happy! This small gathering of students, each bringing guitars to the class; gives everyone the chance to cover an amazing cross-section of Instrument Repair and Design techniques.

The guitar family extrapolates in many directions, 12 string, Arch top, solid body, fretted and fretless basses, nylon string classicals.

This opportunity, for the students to examine and adjust so many different types of guitars, and to observe the idiosyncrasies and "rules of physics" for each member of the guitar family; this is what has made these courses so enduring.

You expand your knowledge and practical "hands on" skills, in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.


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Levels 1-5 offered. 




Current Classes

This introduction to Guitar Repair and Design, will provide students with hands-on training in the set-up and repair of acoustic and electric guitars. A detailed study of fretwork technique, including safe fret removal, correcting the lay of the neck, fret levelling, re-crowning and polishing will be covered. The fabrication of hand-cut nuts and saddles and an overview of the basic physics and design of the various members of the guitar family will also be covered. The interaction of elements, that determine the instrument's ability to perform at its optimum level of playability, will be covered in detail. Workstations, hand tools and some supplies will be available for the duration of the course. Several dedicated hand tools are fabricated for the students use, during the course. Discussion of the business aspect of guitar repairs is also covered, for those that are interested in working on instruments, to generate a part time or full time income. Support material will assist the students, in evaluating many of the commonly needed repair / restoration procedures. $950 + Tax added at checkout

Cost: $ 950.00
Level two of the repair and design course. $950 + tax added at checkout

Cost: $ 950.00

Check out some photos from previous rounds of the course! 


Monday 11:00am to 6:00pm
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