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Level One


This introduction to Guitar Repair and Design, will provide students with hands-on training in the set-up and repair of acoustic and electric guitars. A detailed study of fretwork technique, including safe fret removal, correcting the lay of the neck, fret levelling, re-crowning and polishing will be covered. The fabrication of hand-cut nuts and saddles and an overview of the basic physics and design of the various members of the guitar family will also be covered. The interaction of elements, that determine the instrument's ability to perform at its optimum level of playability, will be covered in detail.

Workstations, hand tools and some supplies will be available for the duration of the course. Several dedicated hand tools are fabricated for the students use, during the course. Discussion of the business aspect of guitar repairs is also covered, for those that are interested in working on instruments, to generate a part time or full time income. Support material will assist the students, in evaluating many of the commonly needed repair / restoration procedures.


Investment: $950 + Tax. No prerequisites needed, but BYOG (bring your own guitar)



Level Two


Here you will build upon everything from Level One to further practice your basics, add complexity to existing skills. You will also gain hands on experience and theoretical knowledge regarding neck resets, bridge repairs, and wiring and soldering for foundational/ intermediate electronic work.


Investment: $950 + tax

Prerequisites: levels 1



Level Three


You will build upon everything from Level Two to further practice your basics, add complexity to existing skills and continue discussion of business aspects if it is of interest. You will also gain hands on experience and theoretical knowledge regarding advanced electronic work and pickup design/building.

Investment: $950 + tax

Prerequisites: levels 1-2


Level Four: Electric Guitar Build

Congrats, you made it!  Almost.  You now have the theoretical and practical know-how to design and build your own electric guitar under luthier supervision. Should you wish to build an acoustic as well, you'll progress to Level Five.


Investment: $1200 + tax & materials.  The cost for your build will vary depending on what you've decided to make, the seasonal cost of raw materials, the hardware & electronics you choose, finishing etc, so a range cannot be accurately provided.

Prerequisites: levels 1-3


Level Five: Acoustic Guitar Build



The course investment for this build course varies and is very individual.  You will sit down with with Dwayne to evaluate where your skills are, what you're looking to make, and figure out the numbers together from there. Some students require more supervision and assistance whereas some projects simply require more advanced skills than even the most capable student has built up thus far.

Prerequisites: levels 1-4



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